About Us


Underdog Ventures was formed back in 2004 in the flip phone era, before anyone had even heard of a smartphone.  We have been doing this for a while and have expanded as technology has changed in our world.   We are based out of Oregon and strive to give our customers the best experience possible.


Benjamin Winokur

Owner- Underdog Ventures  




Underdog Ventures started in 2004 focusing on refurbishing phones in the flip phone era.  We initially were an Ebay focused company and built over 1000 postive 5 star feedback in that arena.


In 2014 we started working heavily with customers served by the MVNO network Flash Wireless.  This network is based on the Verizon and Sprint networks.  As such we rolled out an extensive collection of compatible phones for that network and put up our first website


We moved from Shopify to our own hosted WordPress based website.  We expanded our phones carried to those of all major US carriers with a focus on Samsung and Apple products.  We built out a cellular and tablet accessories section as well as adding tablets to our portfolio.   We started our own clothing line as well as got into the branded products industry.  At this time we partnered with Hanes and Champion clothing lines.


We have continued to expand our portfolio in many different industries.  We still carry phones, tablets, cellular accessories and other long term products.  In the last few years we have also expanded into many different industries including computers, a much expanded apparel selection, workwear, shoes, printed products, furniture and many other categories.